Girls Group Mentoring Toolkit

This Girls Group Mentoring Toolkit provides the tools, resources and support to create, implement, deliver and evaluate a quality group mentoring program for girls, ages 9-13, in your community. The Toolkit is intended to be used in a range of communities, and can be adapted to the unique values, needs, strengths and challenges that each community encompasses.


How to Use the Toolkit

The Girls Group Mentoring Toolkit is interactive and its sections are not necessarily meant to be used in a sequential manner. As you develop your program, you are encouraged to move between the sections in a way that works for and makes sense for your program. Please remember that this toolkit is intended to be applicable across diverse groups of people and the information included is meant to be adapted to your unique community context.

Sections of the Girls Group Mentoring Toolkit

  • Introduction to the Toolkit: Provides an overview of the toolkit and the purpose and value of girls group mentoring programs.
  • Program Population: Explores some of the realities facing girls in Canada across populations and includes key considerations for working with the girls in your program.
  • Assessment of Strengths, Needs & Collaborations: Assists in considering the unique needs, strengths, challenges and opportunities that exist within your organization, community and the town/city/region.
  • Planning Your Program: Outlines important elements to include when planning and evaluating your program.
  • Program & Meetings: This section provides information on the early steps and planning required for developing your program foundations and meetings.
  • Recruitment, Screening & Matching: Provides support for recruiting the right mentors and mentees for your program, screening them appropriately and matching them effectively.
  • Training: Highlights key aspects of mentor and mentee training.
  • Support & Retention: Shares best practices for the ongoing support and supervision of mentor/mentee relationships, as well as tips for mentor retention.
  • Managing the Group Dynamic: Discusses strategies for keeping the program running strong and facilitating relationship building as well as solutions for potential setbacks or issues that may arise.
  • Reflecting, Learning & Improving: Explores ways to integrate reflection, learning and continuous improvement into a girls group mentoring program.           

Each section of the toolkit contains a short introduction and a table of contents for the subsections. You can return to the main home page at any time by clicking the Girls Group Mentoring Toolkit header in the top left corner of your screen. Each section is followed by a list of Additional Resources and Works Cited for that section.

While the toolkit does not necessarily need to be read in sequential order, we recommend that organizations review the toolkit in full before launching their program. It is helpful to have a sense of all of the program components and best practices before starting to engage girls and mentors.

You will see a set of icons and text boxes throughout the toolkit. Each icon represents an important piece of information:

Highlights why the section is important to consider when creating a girls group mentoring program, as well as key take-aways from the section, and will appear at the beginning and end of each section.

Highlights information from the literature and research on mentoring, girls programming and more.

Showcases an anecdote, story or experience from the field of girls group mentoring.

Includes additional considerations or suggestions for girls group mentoring programming.

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